How to link PAN Card with Aadhar card

In this site, you understand some measures about how to link Aadhar card using a pan card online. The key causes of not connecting Aadhar card with credit card would be your income tax return wouldn’t be processed if your Aadhar isn’t connected with PAN. If you visit the bank along with your trade total is over 49000 you need to need Aadhar card connecting with PAN. Without connecting Aadhar card with PAN you won’t withdraw cash over 49000.

pan aadhar link online is a really simple process and you’ll be able to fill into a house or with the support of the cyber cafe. With this procedure, the government offers various we understand the procedure for connecting Aadhar using PAN below.

Link Aadhar with PAN card

For Linking Pan Card With Aadhar card you can follow these steps.

Link through the e-filling website.

It is very simple steps for Linking Aadhar with PAN you just simply go to the e-filling website and link Aadhar easily. Just follow these steps and link adhar with PAN.

  • Visit Google and search income tax e-filling from the search bar.
  • Simply Click on the Above link, provided in the first step.
  • Just click on the connection you proceed to this form of interface.
  • In this Interface only you fill some info.
  • First, you input PAN no.
  • Input Aadhar no. Name as per on Aadhar.
  • Fill captcha code or Ask for OTP.
  • And Finally, click on Link Aadhar. After completing this process you may demonstrate a pop-up message, from message reveal Aadhar-PAN linking Succesful.
pan aadhar link

How to link PAN card with Aadhar by sending an SMS

Link Aadhar with PAN card by sending an SMS you just to follow these steps.

  • You type the message at a type box.
  • Type this message UIDPAN<12 Digit Aadhaar> <10 Digit PAN>
  • Send the message to 56161 or even 567678 from your registered mobile no.
  • See this case you send a message such as this If your Aadhar no is 142554893245 and Mobile no is 1234567892 You simply type in the type box like this UIDPAN 142554893245 1234567892

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Importance of pan aadhar link online.

  • Linking of Aadhar Using PAN card is Compulsory for all PAN cardholders.
  • The benefit of linking adhar using PAN card is that will Withdraw cash more than 50000 throughout the lender.
  • In case your Aadhar isn’t connected to PAN, your income tax form won’t proceed.
  • All of PAN cards which aren’t connected with Aadhaar will be deactivated.
  • The consumer will find a summarised detail of taxation imposed on him for future reference.
  • People are able to stop by the official e-filing site of the section to join both identities.
  • You can additional rewards for your pan aadhar link online.

pan aadhar link onlineLINK NOW

Benefits of Linking PAN and Aadhaar for Individuals

  1. The linking of the Aadhaar using the PAN will make the income tax filing process faster and convenient.
  2. It helps an individual to eliminate the procedure for physical touch and digital signature when submitting the income tax.
  3. It also helps an individual to open a bank account without providing any further documents.
  4. The person is given an choice to authenticate their tax filings through their Aadhaar card itself.
  5. It will allow the individuals to glance through all the trades through Income Tax login.

Benefits of Linking PAN and Aadhaar for Government

  • The issue of multiple PAN cards for tax evasion will be solved as Aadhar is connected to special biometric identification.
  • It is going to further help the authorities in monitoring all of the trades thus, will decrease tax evasion and increase the immediate taxation for the authorities.
  • The issue of black money is going to curbed. Tax evasion will become something of yesteryear.
  • The broad base of taxpayers will permit the government to decrease the tax rate since it’s going to paid by greater earnings.


In this blog, you can know the linking process and methods for PAN Card to Aadhar Card. I hope you can easily understand the article and after reading this blog you can easily link your PAN Card with Aadhar.


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