Does a Cat Trust You If It Sleeps Next to You?

Does a Cat Trust You If It Sleeps Next to You?

Cats are independent creatures, and it can be difficult to tell if your cat trusts you or not. However, there are certain behaviors that cats exhibit when they feel comfortable and safe with you. One of the most common signs of trust is when a cat sleeps near or on you. Read on to learn more about how cats show trust and how you can tell if your cat trusts you.

What Are Some Signs That a Cat Trusts You?

  • Sleeping near you: If your kitty likes to sleep near you – or even on you – this is an indication that they have total trust in you.
  • Head butting: When cats head butt you, they are marking you with their scent, which is a sign of trust and affection.
  • Purring: Cats purr when they are content and relaxed. If your cat purrs when you are around, it’s a sign that they trust you.
  • Kneading: Kneading is when cats rhythmically press their paws against something, usually a person or a soft surface. This is usually a sign of contentment and trust.
  • Following you around: If your cat follows you from room to room, it is a sign that they trust you and want to be around you.
  • Playing with you: Cats are playful creatures and if they are comfortable around you, they will play with you.
  • Showing their belly: Cats will often show their bellies to people they trust. This is a sign of submission and trust.
  • Allowing you to pet them: If your cat allows you to pet them, it is a sign that they trust you.
  • Showing affection: Cats show affection in different ways, such as rubbing against your legs, licking you, or even giving you a gentle headbutt.
  • Not running away: If your cat doesn’t run away when you approach them, it is a sign that they trust you.
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How Can You Build Trust With Your Cat?

Building trust with your cat takes time and patience. Here are some tips to help you build a trusting relationship with your cat:

  • Spend time with your cat: Spend quality time with your cat every day. Play with them, pet them, and talk to them.
  • Provide a safe environment: Make sure your cat has a safe and comfortable environment. Provide them with a warm bed, plenty of toys, and a scratching post.
  • Be consistent: Cats need consistency and routine. Make sure you feed them at the same time every day and provide them with regular grooming.
  • Be gentle: Speak to your cat in a gentle voice and be gentle when petting them. Avoid sudden movements and loud noises.
  • Be patient: Building trust takes time. Don’t expect your cat to trust you immediately. Be patient and give them time to get used to you.


Sleeping near you is one of the most common signs that your cat trusts you. Other signs include head butting, purring, kneading, following you around, playing with you, showing their belly, allowing you to pet them, showing affection, and not running away. Building trust with your cat takes time and patience. Be consistent, gentle, and patient, and your cat will eventually show signs of trust.